IES Lucus Solis

IES Lucus Solis is a Secondary Education and Vocational Training School, located in a small town 18 Km. from Seville, a rural area in the south of Spain. Besides General Secondary Studies and prior to University courses, our school offers these same courses to adult students in the evening, too. Altogether, there are about 1200 students coming from different towns around the area. There is a staff of 96 teachers, all of them qualified in specific subjects. As a school we’d like to join this project because of several reasons. In the first place, we believe that learning a foreign language is more and more important every day and we need to make our students really aware of this and motivating them through the use of ICT can definitely help our purpose. On the other hand, internationalizing our school is also a goal for us, because we want to show our students, and the whole community indeed, that the world is diverse and that there is a lot to be found in and learnt from other countries and cultures. Finally, for the teachers themselves, getting in touch with different ways of dealing with language learning is also motivating and will contribute to become better teachers. Carmen Fernández-Salguero, an English teacher and also deputy head of the school, will act as coordinator of the project in the school. Other teachers from the English Department will also be involved. Our school has participated in several European projects for a number of years now. We have worked in association with other schools in the old Comenius and Leonardo Programs and at the moment we are taking part in ERASMUS+ mobility projects, both for students, who are doing internships abroad, and for teachers, who are taking part in structured courses and in jobshadowing visits to schools abroad. We hope to be able to contribute to this project with our expertise acquired along these experiences, as well as with our daily work in the school.


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