Budapesti Müszaki Szakképzési Centrum Újpesti Két Tanítási Nyelvü Müszaki Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája

BMSZC Újpesti Két Tanítási Nyelvű Műszaki Szakgimnázium és Szakközépiskola, (UMSZKI) /Újpesti Bilingual Technical and Vocational Secondary School. The secondary school is situated in the 4th district of Budapest- has almost 1100 students and a staff of 120 highly qualified teachers. The institute is the biggest of the 12 schools pooled in the Vocational Centre (BMSZC).The standard of teaching and vocational training is above the average. Many of the students regularly take part in competitions in vocational skills and they usually do very well in them. Also, after leaving school, they have a good possibility to enter the labor market or higher education. As the school gives a bilingual (some subjects are taught in English/German) education the students have a good language knowledge. The important and essential element of their preparation for their future professional carrier is a shorter or longer work placement abroad. 2.Our school wants to join this project in order to: – improve our teachers’ and students’ motivation to aquires or develop ICT skills, – apply new and innovative methods and techniques in foreign language teaching/learning (especially e-learning), create more effective ways of e-learning through multimedia and OLR in English and German , create open-mindness towards other cultures, customs and beliefs 3.SZILVIA HEGYINE ZAVORI an English teacher – will be act as the school project coordinator and her deputy will be a German teacher. 4.The school has participated in many EU projects since 2001. In the past 16 years we have taken part in many successful partnerships.The students and teachers have entered Comenius School Partnerships, in which Italy, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Austria and Greece were our partners. UMSZKI have cooperated with Turkish, Scottish, Finnish and English schools within the Leonardo Partnership Projects with in a substantial number of students in them. Since 2014 within the Erasmus+ Mobility Program students participated in vocational practice abroad in Spain, Germany and Finland. The school also regularly receives students from those countries and provides them with vocational practice either in the school workshops or at partner companies. During these exchanges foreign students have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as sightseeing tours or school festivals. Having taken part in many EU Projects the staff has a lot of experience in cooperation with foreign schools. All the members of the project team have already participated in earlier projects or in professional training courses abroad. This subjective experience contributes well to the efficiency and success of our activities. The teachers are professional and well-trained and our students happily use their experience gathered during Erasmus mobilities. The members of the team are enthusiastic and devoted to developing international cooperation. All our project team members speak English or German.


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