LP Adam de Craponne

Lycée Adam de Craponne is a Vocational School situated in Salon de Provence, south of France. It has 665 students with 8 different professional fields: -management and administration -child and elderly care -commerce -customer services and reception -boiler making -machining -electrical energy and communicating equipment -digital electronic systems They are preparing a Baccalauréat Professionnel . English, Spanish, Italian and German are the foreign languages taught in the school. Over their 3-year course at school, the students spend 22 weeks as interns in different companies in their professional field. There are 70 teachers of general and vocational subjects.  Improve our teachers ‘ abilities to teach a foreign language (foreign language teachers as well as teachers of vocational subjects) including ICT -exchange teaching methods -improve students’ skills in learning a foreign language using innovative practices. -set up regular exchanges with foreign students (emails, Skype …) -better prepare the students for the mobility abroad. Catherine Bittès is the European projects coordinator for the school. She is an English teacher and will supervise the project. Annie Michel, English teacher, will be her deputy. Both also provide continuous training for teachers in the Aix-Marseilles region. Lycée Adam de Craponne has been involved in many EU projects since 2012 (Leonardo, Erasmus+). We obtained the Erasmus+ Charter for 5 years in 2016. We have partners in Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Romania. Our final year students have the opportunity to do their last internship abroad (4 weeks). Every professional field is concerned. We organize mobilities for around 55 students each year. The traineeship is assessed at the end by the teachers and counts for the final exam, just like those done in France. The full immersion in a foreign environment enables the students to develop and acquire professional and linguistic skills as well as adaptability, keys for a better access to higher education and/or employability. More than 20 teachers are involved in the Erasmus+ project. They have acquired a lot of experience over the years. Some teachers of vocational subjects also have a diploma in the teaching of non-linguistic subjects in a foreign language. The school also receives 10 students from Asti, Italy every year since 2014. We organize 4-week mobilities for them in sectors like machining, sewing and electrical operator and maintenance. In 2014, a group of 15 students from Austria (LBS Eibiswald) spent 3 weeks with their teachers in our school. They worked in our workshops on their SCONTECT project. We are also developing a partnership with a school in Romania. Some of their teachers will stay a fortnight in our school in order to observe and participate in vocational practice in our workshops.


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