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Time flies! As already mentioned you can book flights to Graz or Vienna. Please concider to book the return flight via Vienna, because we are going there together on Saturday and Sunday.

Transfer Vienna to Graz: (by bus/coach) or (by train)

The connection to Eibiswald is a bit complicated, therefore I will organise this for you. Depending on your arrival times I will try to pick you up by bus.

Enclosed you find the participants list from Poland. You can upload yours here or send it via mail!

If there are questions depending on travel or participants please reply here...

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... and please do not forget to send pictures from you and all other participants for your profile here! 😉 You can upload it here too...

Hi Verena,

Don't you have any new information for us? We would like to buy the bus ticket, but we dont know the program, so we cant decide the return journey.


Thanks and best wishes, Szilvia

Hi Szilvia, and all the others!

I will do a post of the newest concept of the timetable tomorrow, hope this is ok for you?

For your return journey you just need to know that the whole Sunday is planned as travel time. And because of the fact that we are staying in Vienna you can decide by your own when to leave.

As an additional information: It will takes you about an hour from the centre of Vienna (and our Hostel - A&O Hostel Stadthalle) to go to the Airport with public transport.

Hope I could help...



Hello again Verena,

As I understand it, we need to make our own reservation for the ride between our Hostel in Vienna and the airport on sunday morning?

Another remark though I'm not sure in which part of the forum it belongs...

For the accomodation in Eibiswald and Vienna, are the rooms for the students individual?

If not, I think it would be interesting on a language point of view to "mix" our students : no two-same-nationality together. It would allow the participant to get to know each others quickly and to break the ice faster ; it would immediatly instaure the "speak english/german" mode.

Of course, it would be a bit challenging for them but very beneficial I think.

What do you think?

Cheers to all,





The transfer to the airport is very simple in Vienna:

You need to take the tramway No 18, which is close to the Hostel, to "Hauptbahnhof" (=Central Rail Station) . From there you take the Railjet to the Airport. This takes you just 15 minutes. I enclosed a plan with all the lines from morning to afternoon. You need not to book in advance, you also can buy the tickets right at the Central Rail Station.

We can plan this during your stay here in Austria very easily...

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The accomodation in Eibiswald and Vienna is already booked. To mix them up sounds good and maybe it is true that it could be interesting on a language Point. If I have some time left I can try to change the distribution of the rooms. It could be a bit tricky not to put two-same-nationality together, because I am not allowed to mix genders...

But you need not to worry about the language benefit. If you have a look at the timetable, there is not much time in the rooms for the students, expect for sleeping!

Dear Verena,

First of all thanks for your huge and excellent work. Now , sorry ,but I have to give you some extra work, as our group leaves Wienna on 1st Dec. in the evening. I means,  we dont need the last dinner and the accomodation. So please cancel these services.

We leave Wienna at 7.42 pm. Sorry again for this change.

Please let me know your phone number.

Best wishes, Szilvia


Thanks Verena for the timetable and everything!

As for the rooms, we would not agree with mixed genders either!!

You'll see if you have time for a swap ; I think it would be an extra enrichment for the students.

All the best








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