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Travel info. Poland 🇵🇱


Dear all! I hope you’re well. I would like to ask you to send your flights info for the visit in Poland so we can start working on booking transfers for you. I suppose the best option would be to fly to Berlin Tegel or Berlin Schonefeld.
It would be great if you could reach Szczecin by 15:00. Have a look at Flixbus website for airport transfers please (Journey from Berlin to Szczecin takes 2.30-2.45hrs)
Just to remind you the dates are 05.03-10.03.2019 🇵🇱 I know we are all very busy before Christmas but I would appreciate it if you sent it by Friday 14.12 Thanks a lot. Have a good day. Joanna.

Austria's plan is the following:

Tuesday 5.3.2019

Flixbus Graz -Vienna 4:35 - 7:10

EasyJet Vienna - Berlin 8:30 - 9:55

Flixbus Berlin - Stettin 11:15 - 13:50

Sunday 10.3.2019

Flixbus Stettin - Berlin 8:00 - 11:00

EasyJet Berlin - Vienna 13:00 - 14:15

Flixbus Vienna - Graz 16:10 - 18:45

Thank you very much.

Dear Joanna,

Sorry, but we will be late with our travel plan till Monday (17th), because I should know how many hours it takes to get from Szczecin to Drawsko Pomorskie.

Thanks for your reply.

Best wishes, Szilvia

Ps: Please add me to the Whatsapp group and  Eszter to the website ( she doesnt have her username)

Hi Szilvia!

Eszter's username is "emolmar" and her password "mlov_erasmus_2018"!

I will add you to whatsApp on Monday... I do not have your telephone number at home!

I think the trip from Szczecin to Drawsko is about 1,5 hours... does your group travel via Szczecin too? If yes, we should meet round 15:00, like Joanna said. She organizes a bus for us to Drawsko, and we should try to shorten the waiting time for everybody!

Dear Szilvia,

I looked at your flight and airport transfer options. Please find the info attached.

Uploaded files:
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Hi! Here I am!

These are our travel plans:

5th. March, Sevilla 06:40 - Berlin SXF 10:10

Berlin Shönefeld 12:15 - Szczecin Warzymice 14: 30

Way back:

10th March Szczecin Warzymice 10:10 - Berlin TXL 12:15

Berlin TXL 15:00 - Málaga 18:25

On our way back we keep this route, as we are flying from Tegel

We hope to select the participants very soon and buy the tickets as soon as possible, too.

Best regards!


Hello from Provence,

Here are the travel details from FRANCE

March, 5th : Marseille 7:20 am / Francfort 9:00 am
Francfort 9:45 am / Berlin Tegel 10:55 am

Then most likely the 13.35 Flixbus to Szczecin 15:40

(I don't think we can catch the previous one, too little time)

March, 10th

Flixbus : Szczecin 12:00 / Berlin Tegel 14:45
Flights : Berlin Tegel 18:15 / Franckfort
Then Francfort / Marseille 22:00

Flight number when my headmistress will give them to me!

To all, enjoy your Chrismas holidays and celebrations with all your beloved,


Hello and Happy New Year to everyone from Budapest!

Our travel plan:


Bp. -Berlin Schönefeld 11.25

Berlin SXF- Szczecin train stadion ( by Follow me! Interglobus) 14.30


Szczecin 9.00 - ( by Follow me! Interglobus)

Berlin SXF 12.30 -Bp

Thanks for your help and work!

Best wishes, Szilvia


Hello Joanna,

Here is our list of students

I'll fill out the Excel doc later (if that's ok with you) :

Loic BLANC (boy)







Cheers my friend,

Enjoy your week-end,



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