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Dear Project Partners!

We should not forget our "Before Tasks" from application papers:

1. Introduction Video: Create a short video of your School. Feel free in creativity ;-)!

2. Lesson Plans: Send at least one topic for English and one for German (if possible). General Topics from culture (music, arts, poems, sights, traditions...). Enclosed you find a word file with the Erasmus+ and our project header and footer. Please use this for all your papers (National Agencies require this).

3. Logo: As you can see at the first page of this Homepage, we already designed a logo with the title of our project. As an additional work, every country can create a logo (without words, just as a symbol). We can do a kind of competition here in Austria and decide which one is matching most!

You can send everything on my Mail Adress or upload it here!

Thanks and have fun with that work...


Uploaded files:
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Do not forget to add the Erasmus Plus Logo (also the animated one) in your Video! Here the Link where you can find them:

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact me if there are questions!


There is a new button called "OUR UP- AND DOWNLOADS" here at our Homepage!

If you go there you find a simple folder/file-system where you can upload your lesson plans with all worksheets. Find your folder ("LESSON PLAN...") and klick on it. Then you just need to drag your files into your folder or cut and paste it!

As an example I already put a lesson plan in the folder "LESSON PLAN Austria".

This approach is aimed to give all the partner schools a view in how each school is working during their English Lessons and for us in Austria it maybe could be a help to find ideas for the topic "Culture Vulture"!

You need not to create something new, to find an existing one shouldn't be a problem. The topic is very wide-spread.

Thank you so much for your support!

Hello Verena,

I don't have access to the "Our up and downloads". Do you know why ?


Hi Catherine!

I am sorry for that. I will give this information to my colleague and I hope the problem is solved till Monday (we have two days off now ;-)! Just in case I will send my example lesson plan via mail to you...

Hi Catherine!

You should have access to the "up- and download" area now!

Hi everyone! Apologies for a late log in. Our school is crazy busy in October but here I am at last!

Verena I think the blog page is EXCELLENT! You and your colleagues have done a great job! I have no problems with accessing the up and downloads and I will upload my lesson plan shortly. Just wondering if it should closely relate  to the Polish culture as it is our first meeting. What do you all think?


Hi Asia!

You can show something from polish culture, but you really need not! If you have a look at my uploaded lesson plan you can see that I also chose another culture... I think it isn't important in that case... it just should show how you would work with that topic in your school!


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