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Your travel budget for C1 is from € 1.620,00 to € 3.240,00 and depends on how far are you from Austria. This money is for the flights and bus or train transfers at the two travel days. Normally it should work with that amount of money.


Every country has € 3.708,00 at this point. Divided by 9 participants this is € 411,00! About an average from €160,00 + about €70,00 (for the night in Vienna) for accommodation means €181,00 for food and culture excursions. I will work on the calculation very hard!

3. Just in case: You also have the possibility to collect a small financial interest from students/teachers. It is not provided by agencies, but they do not really care or control!

4. It isn't compulsory to work on mobility tool before a meeting, but agencies advice to do it shortly before or after mobility to keep everything in mind. This is what my agency told me today.


Dear Verena,

Thank you for your hard work ! You have planned a lot of things and I'm sure all the participants will enjoy themselves very much !

I need to know exactly how much cash Chrystie will have to bring over and to pay what ? (she won't carry a credit card, only cash, so I need to "order" it)

  • for the students' accommodation, will your school charge my school directly with an invoice or will the group leader pay when she gets there ? How about food in Eibiswald ?
  • for the teachers' accommodation, did you take care of the booking of the hotel rooms ? Shall we pay by international transfer or at check out ?
  • concerning the transports during the stay, who pays for them ? (you ? us ? if us, how much ?)
  • concerning all the visits, do you have details of the expenses ?

Thank you very much.

Have a great day !



Hi Catherine!

The plan is that each group leader will pay everything (accommodation students and teachers, transport, visits, food...) from the budget report here. I can write an invoice for everybody and confirm that I received the money (If you need more we will find a solution). I will collect the money at the beginning of the meeting and paying for everything, so the teachers and students have the chance to enjoy everything here.

No worries, everything is planned and booked (rooms, visits, food, transport...) and you will get all these informations in detail next week! I am nearly finished, there are just missing some points.

All these costs are within the given Individual Money of 3.700,00€! If not I will pay from our additional money! This means Chrystie has to bring something between 3.300,00 to 3.700,00€... the exact amount you get next week.


OK, it's very clear and simple !!!!!

Thank you !


Hi! Would it be possible to send the money to your school bank account? I am a little worried about travelling with so much cash. I have opened a foreign currency bank account and it would be a lot easier for us if we could send you the whole amout via a bank transfer.



Hi everybody!

That's an excellent idea Asia! I already checked this with my boss and it's ok. I added the bank details at the end of the budget report (which you find enclosed).

But please do the transfer about one week before your arrival, not earlier. Maybe there will be some modifications in the next two weeks.

Just for info:  I will pay the bus transfer at the arrival day and the "Special Dinner" on Friday from my additional money! This means you are invited! Austria has more Organisational Money because we are the Organisation Country and I want to share this money with you!

Hope this budget is ok for you, if not please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Everything looks great! Thank you so much 🙂

Hi Verena,


Thanks a lot,

And see you soon!



Hi Verena,

I hope you are doing ok despite this very busy period for you!

I'm sorry to have another request...

It turns out the budget report is not what my bursar needs to send the money to your school ; legally he can't use it, even if you gave us the IBAN.

Do you think your bursar can send us a proformat invoice? It should include the name, address and IBAN of your shool and it should be specifically addressed to ours?

If it is not possible for the whole bill, could it be for the expenses we'll have in your school (students accommocation and meals)?

Maybe there could be one for the teachers' accomodation as well?

Maybe one for the accommodation in Vienna?

Thanks for letting me know.

I'm sorry for the extra work!



Hi everybody!

As you can see Chrystie from France needs a proforma invoice for the money transfer. If somebody else needs this, I enclosed the french invoice. You just need to replace the french adress with yours!

There is a small difference in the amount because I had troubles with one of the restaurants. Please take this budget as the newest one!

Chrystie, I hope this is ok for your bursar? If you need also an official stamp and signature I can add this for you!

See you soon...


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